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I believe that food nourishes us from the inside out.
Outer beauty, inner peace, physical, mental, and emotional health are all fueled by what we put into our bodies.  I’m here to show you how delicious food can be healthy and healthy food can be delicious.  Join me on this food journey… let’s have fun in the kitchen creating something that tastes amazing and nourishes the mind, body and soul!

I value simplicity and integrity, and use organic and
locally sourced ingredients both at home and at the Source Cafe.  I avoid GMOs and soy, and stay away from excess gluten and sugar. I always love to find the simple and natural, yet delicious and nutritious alternative to old favorites that anyone, especially those with dietary restrictions and health challenges, can enjoy.

My cooking style typically fuses the beauty and simplicity of a Mediterranean diet with my own creative health-inspired twist.