At The Source Cafe, we joyfully embrace the true essence of thoughtful food.
We believe that food should be vibrant, beautiful, sexy and prepared with pure love.
Our menu is created with intention to heal and nourish your body, mind and soul.
We put deliberate thought into each and every simple, organic, non gmo ingredient.
With so many fake healthy options in our world, we shine proud knowing that our labels speak volumes. Real ingredients with pure intentions that heal and build
our desire to be true to ourselves, our bodies and our journey. We are motivated by creativity and sustainability for our local community and for the planet.
We support local farms, sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly products. Welcome to The Source. We invite you to join us in feeling nourished.


Founder & Chef

In 2012, Chef Amber was ready to take the next step in her life’s journey. . . realizing her dream of creating a cafe of her own. Chef Amber envisioned and brought to life the The Source Cafe at the beach. Her belief in the rejuvenating and restorative powers of fresh, whole, nutritious food has made her unique artisanal foods cafe a focal point of the Hermosa Beach and larger South Bay community.

Follow Chef Amber’s journey.



Pastry Chef & Owner

Cindy is the friend you always ask to bring dessert when having a party.
What began as a mostly self taught love for baking quickly evolved into a side business for Cindy, and The Sweetest Sin - A Bake Shop was created.
About the same time, long time friend Chef Amber opened The Source Cafe. Cindy joined The Source to expand the baking department and continue to fuel her passion, and launched a business partnership with one of her soul sisters.